JumpStart Typing

JumpStart Typing

JumpStart Typing is an educative game to teach kids to type
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JumpStart Typing is an educative game to teach kids to type. The whole program is a game where kids should compete typing lessons, earning awards and passing levels as they progress. If they succeed in their lessons, JumpStart Typing will let them play four different extreme sporting events, such as rock climbing, skateboarding, soccer and snowboarding. Throughout the different instances of the program, the kids will be guided by two animated characters: a robot and a teacher. They will explain every aspect of the game, telling the kids what they are expected to do, how they will be able to do it, and the prizes they can win if they succeed. During the lessons, the kids should type a given text at a higher speed. They will have two minutes to do this. The program will produce a typing sound for every correct keystroke, and a horn sound when an error occurs. At the end of the two minutes, the program will tell the kids how fast they typed, and how many errors they made , if they had any.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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